Taurus Analyzer at T. Boer & zn.

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Tool for completely automating laboratory report analysis in your company.

Slaughterhouse T. Boer & zn is a worldwide operating, leading exporter of SKV-quality guaranteed veal.

Royal Warrant Holder T. Boer & zn is an independent member of the VanDrie Group: the world's largest integrated calf group with complementary sectors: calf feed, calf husbandry's, veal production and calf skins.


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T. Boer & zn, a royal slaughterhouse in operation for more than 100 years, is a leading global exporter of high-quality veal.

As Dutch law strictly regulates companies in the food processing industryT. Boer & zn also has to comply with various food safety regulations.

So, they must test samples of their meat products in private laboratories for pathogens and other dangers to human health. Besides these self-initiated tests, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) also carries out random testing.

For T. Boer & zn this means a huge pile of reports coming in on regular basis. Reading and analyzing these reports takes a significant amount of time that could be used on more complex tasks and the repetitive nature causes human errors.

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We did a deep-dive of their reporting process and offered a solution which has helped to save a lot of time and increase analysis accuracy.

Taurus Analyzer: a comprehensive platform for processing laboratory reports and following regulations to the letter.

Analyzer has an easy-to-use dashboard which allows Drag&Drop upload of new reports in the necessary file format (PDF, XLSX, DOCX, etc.), as well as view the existing analysis results.

Automated report analysis platform dashboard

Taurus Analyzer dashboard

The result data is visualized, to provide a more clear overview of the reporting process, and a notification is sent to the reponsible T. Boer & zn employees.

Taurus Analyzer works using text recognition software and smart file parsing rules. It can also extract reports straight from the email inbox, saving even more time and effort.

T. Boer & zn can set the roles and permissions for each user, which helps to avoid unauthorised editing and confusion. Every user has a profile which describes their role in the company and platform.

Automated report analysis platform profile

User profile

Meanwhile, all activities on the platform are logged, so it's possible to track down any errors and fix them.

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