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Multi-functional platform with order management, financial automation, route planning and even more functions!

Easy Express, widely known as "EE", is a professional logistics company, which aims to provide complete door-to-door transportation services from Europe to China.

EE was founded in 2013, and has gained a wealth of practical experience during the continuing development since then.

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TaurusSoft has built a custom multi-functional system for the EE staff. 

It has the capacity for API connection with multi-ordering, financial automation, track & trace, route planning, inventory management, Excel and PDF generation, and internal communications functions. 

For the security of business data, we also provide automated real-time backup of data every five minutes.

Multi-order management: orders via API connection with several courier company, depending on the shipment requirements, will be managed within the system. 

Every order is recorded with the following information: customer number, date, courier method, price, contents of goods, etc.

Multi-order Management Platform

☆ Screenshot of Multi-order Management

TMS pickup route planning: for the door-to-door pickup service, drivers' routes are planned so as to provide the customer with driver information, an approximate time for pickup, details of shipments already collected, etc. Each driver with the current route and tasks is displayed on a map, together with all the pickups he/she has made.

Transport Management System Route Planning

☆ Screenshot of TMS Pickup Route Planning

Financial automation: balance of shipment orders and goods of sold is recorded in the system. Payments can be accepted automatically via iDEAL, Alipay, and bank transfer. Sales invoices will be generated through API connection with Exact Online, and booked in the Sale Journal afterwards.

Connection with Exact Online Interface

Screenshot of Connection with Exact Interface 

WMS inventory management: compatible with the webstore module of the Customer Portal, EE Staff Portal contains a background interface for inventory and order management.

Warehouse Inventory Management

☆ Screenshot of Inventory Management

Automated email notifications: various notification emails/newsletters will be easily generated and sent to a user via EE system. The contents and sending source are editable, to keep the users updated with the latest news. 

Automated Email Notifications

☆ Screenshot of Sending Automated Email Notifications


Flight batch control and track & trace monitor: all shipments via various types of delivery services are integrated and recorded in the flight batch control panel. From the overview map of the shipments, operators can monitor the track & trace information on each package in detail. 

Flight Batch Control Panel

☆ Screenshot of Flight Batch Control Panel

Excel and PDF generation: operational data can be made to interact between different systems via Excel or PDF import and export function. The customer may customize the properties of the data spreadsheet to meet the different requirements of each system.

Excel and PDF Generation

☆ Screenshot of Excel and PDF Generation

Internal and external communication: internal projects can be set up in the communications module, recording project status and allocated staff. Different administrative permissions can be allotted depending on the aim of each project.

Project Communications Platform

☆ Screenshot of Project Communications Window

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