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High-quality software with track & trace and mobile integration, and even more functions!

Easy Express, widely known as “EE”, is a professional logistics company, which aims to provide complete door-to-door transportation services from Europe to China.

EE was founded in 2013, and has gained a wealth of practical experience during the continuing development since then.

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TaurusSoft has built a customized multi-functional system for EE. 

It has the capacity for API connection with track & trace, routes planning, internal communications, scanning, business reporting, and recording functions. 

For the security of business data, we also provide automated real-time backup of data every five minutes.

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TMS pickup route planning: for the door-to-door pickup service, drivers' routes are planned so as to provide the customer with driver information, an approximate time for pickup, details of shipments already collected, etc. 

Each driver with the current route and tasks is displayed on a map, together with all the pickups he/she has made.

Transport Management System Pickup Route Planning

☆ Screenshot of TMS Pickup Route Planning

Overview of each pickup route on a smartphone: driver can log in to the system via any mobile device. The most convenient way is to use his/her own smartphone. All the pickup data is synchronized and stored in the cloud. As a result, the system is independent from hardware.

Pickup Route Planning on Smartphone

☆ Screenshot of Pickup Route on Smartphone

Real-time scanning into the system: the shipment barcodes are real-time scanned via a mobile device. The scanned data will be synchronously updated in the system and stored in the database.

Scan Record Pickup Orders

☆ Screenshot of Scan Record for Each Pickup Order

Pickup business report: automatic generation of various business reports in connection with pickups for an overview of the operational status. Reports may be exported in Excel, PDF, or other formats.

Business Report of Order Progress

☆ Screenshot of Pickup Business Report

Storing history records: these records can be recalled at any time on any device. All the business data is confined to the limits of storage period and space.

Order Pickup History Record

☆ Screenshot of Pickup History Record

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