WMS: Inbound/Outbound Scanning

Company Profile:

Automated scanning and processing of inbound and outbound data, and even more functions!

BBV Logistics Support is a young and dynamic company that provides support for transport and storage/transfer activities, as well as consults private companies on logistical issues and processes.

With branches at Schiphol and Eindhoven, BBV are present at the two most important airports in the Netherlands.

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For them we built a customized system capable of fully automatic processing of business data: flexible label scanning, receiving emails from the airport authorities, automated barcode scanning in PDF, automatic printing, etc. 

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The system was tailor-made, taking into the account the needs and requirements of our customer. 

Since implementation, the system has reduced labour intensity in related processes by 80% and minimized the probability for errors. 

Maybe even more surprisingly, our development team spent only 2 months from the preliminary design to the implementation of working software!

"I think the system developed by TaurusSoft is very easy to use. It is a unique feature that is tailored to my needs. Communication with the developing engineer is very convenient and efficient. I can upgrade for free every month!" - Kelly, Owner of BBV Logistics

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