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Integrated systems with barcode generation, flight batch management, automatic scanning, and even more functions!

Polaris Express is a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions with offices in more than 20 countries.

Business at Polaris Express is mainly focused on international transport and customs declaration procedures.

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For this purpose, we built an integrated OMS & WMS. These systems include: several parts for its staff, customers, forwarding and courier companies, barcode generation, Excel and PDF generation, automatic scanning system, flight batch management, API connection with Chinese Express Mail Service, etc.

As all the operational history is recorded, it is convenient to access historical data. To ensure the safety of the Polaris Express’ business data, we also provide automated real-time back-up every five minutes.

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Different login portal for different roles: the fully functional PLE OMS & WMS contain several portals for different roles in the business hierarchy.

Staff Portal Login Interface

☆ Screenshot for Polaris Express Staff Portal

Flight batch overview: with WMS, a warehouse can create a flexible flight batch schedule, depending on the inbound volume. 

Flight Batch Overview

☆ Screenshot of Flight Batch Overview

Automatic label generation: unique PLE Label will be generated automatically, once customers place a new order in PLE OMS.

Automatic Label Generation

☆ Screenshot of Label Generation 

Transport status control: the transport status for each shipment can be easily controlled in the OMS. Status may updated either for a whole batch or for a single shipment.


Transport Status Control Panel

☆ Screenshot of Transport Status Control

Warehouse management system: all the warehouse operations are recorded in the system. WMS will intelligently select a dispatching programme.

Warehouse Scan and Batch Interface

☆ Screenshot of Warehouse Scan and Batch Interface 

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