Barcode recognition

A standard linear or one-dimensional barcode, which we are used to see on the back of goods in a store, is a set of parallel lines atop a series of numbers and/or letters that stores information. Machines decipher this form of visual data and use it to complete a task, like tracking or cataloging an item.

Barcode recognition

Barcodes are widely used, for example, on books and at retail stores in order to keep track of the products available and enable an easy checkout of a product. Barcodes can be generated using dedicated software and would be normally read using scanners with laser beams or cameras.

Lately, barcode scanning functionality on smartphones has become increasignly widespread, as almost everyone carries around one of these devices. Barcode scanning mobile software is used by companies to automate operations thus cutting costs, saving human resources and increasing the efficiency of warehouse activities, deliveries and other processes.

To recognize a barcode in logistics documentation, we use Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, which is a technology that reads and converts different types of documents. 

The lines on barcodes contain the reference number of the product. Information can be then recorded in databases to store each product separately for counting company sales and purchase quantities. Thus, it is possible to process the information enclosed in the barcode for inventory management, track and trace, as well as other purposes.

The test below involves reading any type of barcode in an image file format and showing the information enclosed. Note: For real-life scenarios, more complex functionality can be created.

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Test process

  • 1

    Drag the barcode image file into the box on the left side.

  • 2

    Click on Recognize.

  • 3

    The information in the barcode is recognized and shown in the box on the right side.


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