Text recognition

Text recognition function uses the Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, technology that reads an image or a document and is able to export the data in a certain format, or even make it editable.

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How an OCR software works: it processes a digital image by searching for and recognizing characters, i.e. letters, numbers, and symbols. Some types of OCR software export the text to a word processor, while others are able to convert the recognized characters to editable text directly in the digital image.

This type of technology can be used to place important, signed legal documents into an electronic database, edit scanned documents, translate words within an image into a specified language among other possible situations.

In transportation and logistics industry, companies on a daily basis have to deal with an immense amount of paperwork at the warehouse, during customs procedures and when working with courier service providers. Here custom software with text recognition helps tremendously: it can be connected with automatic printing and process NoAs, incoming orders or any other document and minimize costs while eliminating human errors at a press of a button.

The test below involves locating text in an image file and showing the recognized information. Note: For real-life scenarios, more complex functionality can be created.

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Test process

  • 1

    Drag the image file containing the text into the box on the left side.

  • 2

    Click on Recognize.

  • 3

    The text in the image is recognized and shown line by line in the box on the right side.


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