Matrix API

The matrix function calculates the well-known distance-matrix for a set of points. It calculates all the distances between points in every combination. 

The matrix results in NxM routes, or, more precisely, NxM distances or periods of time being calculated, and is a lot faster compared to NxM single calculations. 

The most simple example is a tourist trying to decide which pizza is closer to him without using a beeline distance.


- Logistics, i.e. often have to pick up many items from and deliver to many locations.

- Ridesharing or taxi applications, i.e. calculating detours with many possible in-between points and selecting the best route.

- Finding the best way for a tourist in need to visit as many points of interest as possible.

The calculations example below shows a 4 x 4 matrix created using 4 coordinates through a statistical method. For a real environment, more complicated scenarios can be designed.

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Test process

  • 1

    Please put in 4 coordinates, by providing longitude and latitude. Default value is filled in automatically.

  • 2

    A 4 x 4 matrix is created, showing the results calculated for the distance (in meters) and time (in seconds) between each location.

  • 3

    More dimensions can be added to the matrix through different variables.


Distances in meters:

Times in seconds: