Isochrone API

An isochrone is "a line drawn on a map connecting points at which something occurs or arrives at the same time" (see Wikipedia), for example, a vehicle. 

It is also called reachability or walkability. The definition of isodistance is closely related.

For a real environment, more complicated scenarios can be designed.


- Real estate analysis

- Realtors

- Vehicle scheduling

- Geomarketing

- Reach of electric vehicles

- Transport planning

- Logistics (distribution and retail network planning)

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Test process

  • 1

    Please select a location by clicking on any point of the map.

  • 2

    The area reachable within 5 minutes of the location will be highlighted in green.

  • 3

    The outer area is reachable within 10 minutes (blue). Other isochrones can be shown by clicking on different locations on the map.