Multi-order search

In most of the cases, business data is stored in standard format. 

The multiple order search function helps to find several specific orders/items at a time. The program may have various search criteria incorporated.

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Test process

  • 1

    In the textbox on the left-hand side, put in multiple IDs (separated by a comma).

  • 2

    Click on Search. The table will now show only the results for the IDs you entered.

  • 3

    You can also download the results. Click on Download. The results will be put into an Excel file.

  • ID Name Gender Age Country
  • 1 Ava Female 19 US
  • 2 Isabella Female 47 DE
  • 3 Amelia Female 19 NL
  • 4 Wang Female 32 CN
  • 5 Liam Male 23 UK
  • 6 Marco Male 62 IT
  • 7 Logan Male 27 US
  • 8 Lucas Male 18 NL