What is Robotic Process Automation?

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Prominent in the first industrial revolutions and certianly prevalent now, mankind has naturally gravitated towards scaling tasks and improving productivity through automation.

The latest development in the constant technological evolution of automation is the so-called robotic process automation or RPA.



What is robotic process automation?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a technology for streamlining business processes. The technology is based on software, a.k.a. 'robot', that uses a set of rules to imitate how people perform repetitive actions in a digital environment.

Where is RPA used?

Robotic process automation is mainly used to automate repetitive business processes which don't require creativity, decision-making and are subject to human error. 

These may include: 

  • - extracting and printing email attachments,

  • - text recognition and data reading, according to specific rules,

  • - data input into databases or spreadsheets,

  • - data visualization and other similar activities.

Robotic process automation is already quite popular in fintech and insurance industry. Meanwhile, other industries like logistics and food-processing are beginning to adopt the technology.

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Benefits of robotic process automation

The main benefits that robotic process automation provides are:

  • - Productivity, through 24/7 availability,

  • - Accuracy, and

  • - Cost savings

In short, software does not get tired, lose its focus, or ask for a pay raise, but executes tasks to the letter.


Repetitive tasks like opening emails, downloading and printing attached documents, reading and analyzing reports and result input, collectively, take up a lot of time. People also lose focus which causes errors. 

But automation software can take care of such tasks and employees can work on more complex tasks.

However, while automation seems to be able to solve a lot of modern problems, it should be used with moderation and implemented in a well-thought-out and strategic manner.

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