10 tasks to automate in your small-medium business today

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As most of our time in the office is spent at the computer, we all sometimes get stuck doing simple, but time-consuming tasks.

From social media posts to customer support to research–the little tasks can become like a swamp for our efforts and time. But you should not feel hopeless, because we want to show you something amazing. 

Here are the 10 small tasks that you can automate and improve productivity today.


1. Social media content creation

If you have not yet, you should check out the content scheduling function already available on social media platforms (publishing tools of your business page on Facebook or Instagram)

But if you would like to send content more easily to many platforms at once, consider such social media management systems as Hootsuite or Sprout Social.

2. Backing up your files and folders

The data you keep on your work computer or phone is invaluable to your business. So, you should safeguard your data against potential threats like crashes or other tech problems.

For example, you can download and use the Dropbox app to sync any and all your files and folders on your computer/phone to the cloud. Even if something happens to your devices, the data will still be safe in the Dropbox cloud storage.

3. Tracking website visitors

Want to see how many people visit your website, when they do it and for how long? These are just a few of the statistics provided by Google Analytics. See how to set it up in 3 steps.

If you’ve already got Google Analytics tracking your website traffic, then you can make life easier for you and send statistics straight to your email. Stop wasting your time watching who is on your website now.

4. Invoice reminders

Clients are overdue with their payments? No worries, software like Freshbooks or QuickBooks send them automated reminders that you need to write only once.

5. Email responding

You know that you should not answer to the emails that people send only with machine-generated replies. It will puzzle or scare most people away. 

Instead, it is easy to create canned response templates, which you need to tweak just a bit before sending.

6. Email signatures

Typing your contact info or job title can take a few moments. And you can imagine how that adds up over tens and hundreds of emails that you send.

Instead, you can add your details to every email with just a few clicks. If you are using Gmail, it is a pretty straightforward process.

7. Posting job ads

Nowadays, the Internet is filled with job platforms, which make hiring much easier. But it also takes a lot of time to create job postings on each site. 

Services like ZipRecruiter do it for you, by adding the job descriptions to multiple websites at once.

8. Employee salaries

Payroll automation apps like Gusto can help you make sure that your HR or accounting department is not drowning in work twice a month.

It can also be connected to Freshbooks we mentioned before to create a more seamless experience.

9. Filling online forms

When you register for something or have to submit an application online, the information often is the same. Robofrom or Autofill extensions for Chrome can help to fill in forms much faster.

10. Industry research

No more crawling the web for hours to find information on your competitors, industry or even your own company.

Enter search keywords in Google Alerts tool and it will collect information for you in real time, daily, weekly or once a month. It takes just a minute to scan over it all and choose what you want to examine more.

So, these were the 10 small tasks that add up and ones that you can easily automate. The time you save on them will give you more freedom to grow your business.

If you do not want to or do not have time to automate the processes and tasks yourself, give us a call or send an email.

We will be happy to give you a free consultation on how your business can benefit from automation.


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